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Mangaung gears up for its first horserace event

Mangaung is gearing up for the inaugural 5 day Grande Thabure Horse racing event to be held in Bloemfontein from the 28 April to the 2 May 2022.

The event will attract horse racing enthusiasts, socialites and fashion lovers from every corner of the country.

The Grande Thabure will attract the country’s top list celebrities, beauty queens, sporting icons, musicians and entertainers, rubbing shoulders with the captains of industry and the who’s who of the political world in the Free State.

This event will in no doubt be the flagship sport and lifestyle event in the country offering a myriad of scintillating attractions such as horse racing of different distances and forms, fashion, food, dance festival, music and art.

The Grande Thabure coalesces traditional horse racing, fashion shows, a golf challenge, all white picnic and comedy shows.

It is a melting pot of sports, arts, heritage, leisure and recreation. It is a strategic meeting point for sports tourism and the creative economy. This medley if nurtured in time, will surely delivery on jobs and spur the economy of the province into dizzying heights.

Amongst the many benefits of hosting this event in the Free State are the following:

⁃ Position the Free State Province as a world class traditional horse racing destination

⁃ Celebrate the Provinces rich equestrian heritage whilst addressing its post pandemic tourism offering.

⁃ Exposure of the Eastern Cape Tourism Product such as crafts, food, accommodation

According to the event organizers the following are the benefits to the province and city;

• Showcase the city as the host of South Africa’s latest national horse racing event.

• Generate substantial economic benefits to Berlin through increased visitationincluding tourists, spectators and participants.

• Highlight the Province as an events and tourism destination through high profile media coverage

• Encourage visitors to explore the Province

• Enhance business or community development

• Build long-term relationships by providing business and community leaders with the opportunity to meet visiting industry leaders



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