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New Leadership Elected for ANC in Western Cape

Newly elected Western Cape ANC leader Vuyiso JJ Tyhalisisu.

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape has finally filled its provincial leadership vacuum by electing a new leadership structure. In the early hours of Sunday, Vuyiso JJ Tyhalisisu emerged as the new leader after a closely contested election, defeating Cameron Dugmore, the party’s leader in the Western Cape legislature, by a margin of 29 votes.

The highly anticipated conference was initially expected to be dominated by the Rurals for Change faction, led by Lerumo Kalako, the provincial convenor, and his second-in-command, Neville Delport. However, Tyhalisisu, a former regional secretary of the Dullah Omar region, entered the race when Kalako declined his nomination. Tyhalisisu’s unexpected nomination from the floor on Saturday evening turned the tide in his favor.

The Rurals for Change faction did secure significant support from the conference, with Sharon Davids elected as the deputy chairperson and Ayanda Bans as the deputy secretary. Derek Appel, on the other hand, faced no opposition and was nominated unopposed for the treasurer position.

During the conference’s opening session on Saturday, several speakers emphasized the importance of voting according to conscience and electing leaders who would inspire pride among ANC members when campaigning for the party. ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula took the opportunity to criticize Western Cape ANC members for prioritizing personal ambitions for leadership positions over their responsibility as an active opposition, particularly in holding the Democratic Alliance (DA) accountable. It is worth noting that the ANC is the opposition party in the Western Cape, the only province where the DA is in power.

The conference is set to conclude on Sunday, with President Cyril Ramaphosa expected to deliver the closing remarks. As the newly elected leadership takes charge, ANC members in the Western Cape are hopeful that this development will invigorate the party’s presence in the province and enable them to effectively challenge the DA’s governance.

Here are the Results of the Officials:

Cameron Dugmore – 282
Vuyiso JJ Tyhalisisu – 311

Deputy Chair
Sharon Davids – 340
Lulama Mvimbi – 256

Neville Delport – 332
Thandi Makasi – 267

Deputy Secretary
Ayanda Bans – 348
JJ van Rooyen – 244

Treasurer (Unopposed)
Derek Appel

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