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Massive Cocaine Seizure Worth R12.8m Discovered at Ngqura Port, Eastern Cape

Ngqura Port, Eastern Cape – In a significant victory for law enforcement, border police intercepted a staggering consignment of cocaine valued at R12.8 million earlier this week. The illicit drug haul, consisting of 32 blocks of cocaine, was hidden inside an empty cargo container that was originally scheduled to transport fruit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Brigadier Athlende Mathe, the police spokesperson, revealed that the drugs were discovered during a routine inspection at the port. “Our officers stumbled upon the concealed narcotics within the container,” stated Mathe. The investigation is now focused on identifying the origin of the drugs and the intended destination.

The seizure comes as a major success for Operation Shanela, a robust law enforcement initiative aimed at eliminating drug-related activities across South Africa. Since its launch in May, the operation has resulted in the arrest of a staggering 1,686 individuals involved in drug trafficking and distribution.

Applauding the police for their swift action, Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane expressed his support for the arrests while condemning the illicit activities and drug trafficking occurring through the Eastern Cape ports. Premier Mabuyane emphasized the importance of safeguarding the country’s borders to protect citizens from the devastating consequences of drug abuse.

Remarkably, this incident coincides with the imminent observance of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. As the nation prepares to commemorate this crucial day, the interception of the massive cocaine shipment serves as a sobering reminder of the ongoing battle against drug abuse and the persistent threats posed by illegal drug trade.

Authorities remain dedicated to uncovering the full extent of the drug trafficking network responsible for the seized consignment. The successful operation signifies a step forward in the fight against drug-related crimes and reinforces the commitment of law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of the nation.

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Caleb Tayi
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