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Magwa tea-the pride of the Eastern Cape

The two tea estates – Magwa and Majola – are located on the Wild Coast region of the Eastern Cape Province, with Magwa in Lusikisiki, under Ingquza Hill Local Municipality while Majola is near Port St Johns. The name Lusikisiki is onomatopoeic – derived from the rustling sound of reeds in the wind – named by the local AmaMpondo people. Lusikisiki is 45 kilometres inland from and north of Port St Johns.

The two tea estates are important national assets and are probably the last remaining operational tea estates in the country. They are South Africa’s last hope to being a major player in black tea production as a country.

The current focus of the company is to strengthen the operational efficiency of the two estates while ensuring value addition and branding of the tea. The business is also ensuring the livelihood of thousands of people in the community through job-creation and related revenue generating opportunities.

Magwa™ is the premium of the grades where black tea is derived from owing to the rich soils and climatic conditions of the location of the estate. The plantation has received great care from a land management perspective, with a good quantity of fertilizer having applied to the farmlands over the years.

Magwa’s finest tea leaves are selected and lovingly harvested from the 1800ht lush Pondoland plantations that are situated in Lusikisiki, under the Ngquza Hill Municipality to bring you a distinctively unique tasting tea with unsurpassed flavor and aroma.

Black Tea Premium: Stronger and richer high-quality tea where you can taste and smell the aroma and the overall flavor of the earth- “Our earthy aroma tea.”

Rooibos Tea: Smooth, gentle with a dash of a natural sweet taste. Some people argue that milk does not go in rooibos tea, but at Magwa, we believe that everyone has their own preference.

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