BCMM Ceremonial chain worn by generations of Mayors not missing.

Caleb Tayi
Buffalo City Metropolitan Executive Mayor Xola Pakati.

Rumors that the historic mayoral chain worn by generations of Mayors in Buffalo City has been lost have been dismissed as fake news by the Municipality. 

The rumors surrounding the stolen chain started doing the rounds after current Mayor Xola Pakati was seen in official ceremonies not wearing the precious ceremonial chain of honor.

Dismissing the claims the City posted the mayoral chain on social media for the public to see. 

Here is the Buffalo City Metro Mayoral Chain, it’s in our possession as the municipality and it is not lost or stolen, said a Facebook post in the mayoral account. 

Whilst it is a responsibility of any Executive Mayor to respect the diversity that a city such as Buffalo City has, it is also his or her right and responsibility to choose not to use certain symbolisms if he feels they are not in sync with his value system and that of the majority of the city’s population, the statement said. 

The Mayoral Chain does not earn any leadership legitimacy and it does not ordain dignity and decorum on an Executive Mayor – such is earned through deeds not a chain. The current leadership is ably leading with the required dignity and decorum, it added. 


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