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The 11th Children’s Parliament calls for a total ban of alcohol advertising.

New speaker of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Parliament, Honourable Khazimla Adams from the Eastern Cape (in the background) Social Development Minister, Hon.Lindiwe Zulu. Photo: Supplied by the Department of Social Development.

In the aftermath of the Enyobeni tragedy, where several young children tragically lost their lives at a tavern, the issue of alcohol abuse has become the focal point, prompting the children’s parliament to call for a ban on alcohol of alcohol advertising.

The members of the children’s parliament displayed a clear understanding of the wise words spoken by Eastern Cape deputy speaker, Honourable Mlibo Qoboshiyane, emphasizing the importance of sobriety as the greatest gift one can give themselves.

Honourable Nkosi Thembela (14) from Mpumalanga Province began by stressing the need for parents to serve as exemplary figures and exercise caution when consuming alcohol in the presence of children. He then proposed a closer examination of the abundance of alcohol advertisements, stating, “As children, we believe that the government should restrict alcohol advertising by implementing stricter monitoring programs.”

The children’s parliament members also called on the government to address the issue of alcohol accessibility, particularly in black communities, and urged for an increase in the legal age for alcohol sales.

Additionally, they expressed deep concern over the alarming rate of child suicides.
Despite their previous plea during the last sitting in 2021, the members expressed disappointment over the absence of various Ministers. However, they expressed gratitude for the presence of the Minister of Social Development, Ms Lindiwe Zulu. As a resolution, they decided that their new President would write a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa, highlighting this concern, with Minister Zulu being responsible for delivering the correspondence.

Responding to their concerns, Minister Zulu acknowledged the issue of alcohol advertisements that glamorize drinking, particularly during prime time. She assured the members that, just as she had presented the Children’s Manifesto, she was willing to deliver their correspondence to President Ramaphosa.

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