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SABC names Nada Wotshela as Acting Group CEO

Acting Sabc Group Chief Executive Officer Nada Wotshela.

In a surprising announcement today, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) revealed that its group CEO, Madoda Mxakwe, will be stepping down from his position. The SABC board has appointed Nada Wotshela, a seasoned broadcaster with over 20 years of experience, to act as the group CEO on an interim basis starting from July 1. The recruitment process for a permanent replacement will commence shortly. Mxakwe’s departure marks the end of his five-year tenure at the public broadcaster, where he has spent a total of 15 years.

The SABC’s statement highlighted the challenging circumstances Mxakwe faced when he took on the role in July 2018. The organization was grappling with governance failures, corruption allegations, mismanagement, and a severe financial crisis. Over the course of his leadership, Mxakwe, alongside the management team, worked tirelessly to address these issues and rebuild the SABC’s credibility. While financial sustainability remains an ongoing challenge, the SABC stabilized under his guidance.

Expressing their gratitude, the SABC board acknowledged Mxakwe’s significant contribution to both the organization and South Africa as a whole. The statement read, “On behalf of all the SABC’s internal stakeholders, we would like to thank Mr. Mxakwe for his dedication and commitment to the SABC. His efforts have set us on a path to recovery, and we wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

Stepping into the role of acting group CEO, Nada Wotshela brings a wealth of experience to the table. With more than 20 years in the broadcasting industry, including 12 years in senior management and executive positions, Wotshela is well-positioned to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Currently serving as the group executive for radio at the SABC, she possesses the technical expertise and leadership skills necessary to steer the public broadcaster during this transitional period.

Emphasizing their confidence in Wotshela, the SABC board called upon all stakeholders, both internal and external, to support her in her new role. The board’s statement urged unity and collaboration, stating, “We implore the SABC’s stakeholders to rally behind Ms. Wotshela. Her appointment marks a critical time for the organization, and with her expertise, we believe she will guide the SABC towards a brighter future.”

As the SABC bids farewell to Madoda Mxakwe and welcomes Nada Wotshela into the interim leadership position, the nation will closely watch the developments at the public broadcaster. With financial sustainability still a pressing concern, all eyes will be on Wotshela as she assumes her responsibilities and works towards maintaining the SABC’s stability while charting a course for long-term success.

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