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False Accusations Against Mcebisi Mlonzi Refuted Amidst Fake News Surge

JOHANNESBURG, 19 August 2023 — In a swift response to a series of fabricated news stories published by The Bulrushes, Mr Mcebisi Mlonzi’s legal team issued a stern refutation of the false claims linking him to the detainment of 10 individuals in Zambia. The Bulrushes, an online publication, has come under scrutiny for its lack of journalistic integrity and irresponsible reporting.

The concocted stories, devoid of credible sources, have been widely circulated on various messaging platforms, including WhatsApp, raising concerns about the propagation of misinformation. The news stories accused Mr Mlonzi, a respected figure in the South African business community, of involvement in events he had no connection to. Presently residing in South Africa, Mr Mlonzi is resolute in maintaining his professional commitments and familial responsibilities despite the damage to his reputation.

In light of these defamatory allegations, we emphasize the importance of critical evaluation when encountering news stories, particularly those without substantial substantiation. The rapid spread of misinformation necessitates a proactive approach in combatting false narratives.

Mr Mlonzi’s legal team has initiated discussions with The Bulrushes, demanding an immediate retraction of the false articles. Legal recourse remains an option should the publication fail to address the matter adequately.

Cheryl Frappier, spokesperson for Mr Mlonzi, has underscored the significance of discernment in dealing with fake news and the paramount role the public plays in curbing its influence. The contact details provided are intended for media inquiries and serve as part of the broader effort to maintain transparency and rectify the damage caused by unfounded allegations.

Caleb Tayi
Caleb Tayi
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