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2023 ORCUFE to Honor the Legacy of Late Cultural Music Icon, Madosini.

Umtata – In a heartfelt tribute to the influential and beloved cultural music icon, the 2023 OR Tambo Cuktural Festival will be dedicated to honoring the legacy of the late Latozi “Madosini” Mpahleni affectionately known as Madosini.

Set to take place from 27 to 28 October 2023, the festival promises to be a celebration of not only music but also the rich cultural heritage that Madosini embodied throughout her illustrious career.

The ORCUFE, renowned for its diverse lineup of world-class musicians and its commitment to promoting cultural understanding through music, will pay homage to Madosini’s extraordinary contributions to the music industry. As a true visionary and trendsetter.

According to the event founder and organiser Lazola Jafta Madosini revolutionized the genre of cultural music, transcending boundaries and inspiring countless artists around the globe.

Born on 25 December 1943, Madosini was a South African musician, known for playing Xhosa traditional instruments such as the uhadi and mhrubhe musical bows, and the isitolotolo.

Over the years, she had collaborated and written songs with British rock singer Patrick Duff, and in 2003 they went on to perform a number of successful concerts together around the world. She had collaborated with South African musicians Thandiswa Mazwai, Ringo, Derek Gripper and Gilberto Gil the famous Brazilian musician. Her latest collaboration with musicians Hilton Schilder, Jonny Blundell, Lulu Plaitjies and Pedro Espi-Sanchis has resulted in the recording of an African/Jazz fusion CD under the name of AmaThongo and various concerts around Africa.

Madosini continued to perform around the world until her death. Her music took the audience deep into the well springs of music and represented some of the earliest roots of jazz in Africa. She used the Lydian and Mixolydian modes and also occasional additive time signatures such as 9/8.

Sadly, the world mourned loss of Madosini on the 23 December 2022, two days before her 79th birthday, leaving a void in the music industry that will be felt for generations to come. However, rather than dwell on the sorrow, the ORCUFE aims to celebrate her vibrant spirit and enduring impact of her music added Jafta.

“We have curated a lineup of artists who have been deeply influenced by her musical style and message.” he added.

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